Our Community Education Action Team works diligently to inform, engage and empower our community leaders and the citizens they serve. United under one goal, this Action Team has been divided to provide focus on two distinct groups: our community as a whole, and our community’s youth and youth-serving professionals.

Through the effective use of media, technology and outreach, the Community Education Action Team works to communicate Safe Yakima Valley’s goals and efforts to the Yakima communities. From helpful tips and advice to public safetyand service announcements, our Action Team strives to keep our community informed about the issues that impact or improve the safety of Yakima Valley.


The goal of the Youth Programs and Education Action Team is to encourage our community’s youth-serving professionals to offer effective and positive youth activities in the Yakima Valley. Through these efforts, our Action Team has been able to assemble a functioning committee of youth-serving organizations that address youth crime reduction and prevention strategies, one of the largest programs being the “100 Jobs for 100 Kids” held annually.